Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There is a time for Secret's and a Time for New Reflections

I've got lots to show you today. I've been busy busy buys adding new items to the store. I think the warmer weather and sunshine is giving me that extra little bit of energy I need to kick off my creative juices. With the loss of the cold and snow (so much snow this year) I am relishing in the sunshine. I've just added three more outfits to the store and also to Marketplace. One mesh and two prim styles. Also have a peak at tomorrow Secret Wednesday sale items. One of which comes with a pair of boots!

OK first off lets start with the new releases. Our first is a sexy one shoulder mesh mini with matching mesh platform boots. It comes in three patterns and 5 sizes included for both the dress and boots.

Next we have Megan, a lovely gown with pretty jeweled details at the bodice and hem. This dress comes in 4 colors and is available in the in world store and marketplace.

Next we have Indulgence. A sexy outfit that can be worn three ways. This sexy outfit comes with two pant layers so you can wear with or without stockings and without the skirt you get a sexy negligee. Comes in 4 colors and is also in store and marketplace.

Now for the Secret Wednesday sale. This week there are two lovely dresses available, both mesh. Both come with 5 sizes and the one comes with boots shown. Both are on sale for 49L Each for a VERY limited time so make sure you get in and get yours and go to the Secret Wednesday blog and make sure you take advantage of all the fabulous items available this week. http://secretwednesday.blogspot.com/

That is all for  now folks but keep checking back here. More sales coming and some very special hunts brewing as well. You won't want to miss anything!


Happy Shopping my Wild Lovelies!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's go to a secret place full of wonders...

It's time for the best part of the week. The day so many wait for, the list that you can only get if you're part of the secret group. Yep that's right folks, I'm talking about the Secret Wednesday sale. It's time again for another round of awesome deals from some incredible designers. This week Wild Serenity has Two not yet released dress for you for only 49L. This deal will NOT last long so make sure you stop in and grab yours before they are gone. While your at it join the Secret Wednesday group to so you don't miss out on every week of bargains and delights. Each week you will get privileged information on the best deals, but you must hurry because they are gone as quick as they are seen. Here is the blog as well to keep in touch with http://secretwednesday.blogspot.com/ make sure you follow it so you don't miss out. 

Here is what you can get from Wild Serenity this week:

Grab your ride below and grab your 49L deals before they disappear :)


Saturday, April 5, 2014

May the warm breeze bring change and new endeavors

I've been a busy little bee working at the store lately. Seems with the sprout of spring flowers I can feel my creative juices starting to flow like the warm breeze through my windows. I am bringing something new to Wild Serenity. I have added some new mesh items to the store and Marketplace. Now some of you that are more fond of the standard clothing in SL and are not fans of Mesh, you need not worry. I am not going to an all mesh line. I will still be making prim dresses that flow with the air, but I wanted to add something to keep up with the times. So for you my tried and true customers you need not fret. I'm just adding to my line because you know what they say, variety is the spice of life, (anyone who really understands that phrase let me know lol). In fact I have two new prim dresses to be released right after these new mesh so no worries.

Today I want to focus on the newness in Wild Serenity. Some may have noticed the recent remodeling in the store. I've done some changes and I'm very happy with them. I hope you guys like it as well. With this new remodel I have also added some new mesh. They all come with 5 standard sizes and alpha's. Here are is just and example of some of the newness you can find in the store.

First the Goddess series, made to make even the gods of old focus their eyes on you. The goddess dress comes in 7 different colors.

Next is the snake charmer. A sexy two piece ensemble that comes in 5 colors and 5 sizes of mesh to fit most.

and Charming in gold and in silver.

 Last dance the nights away with the stars twinkling with your every step, Starry Nights comes in 5 colors.

All new dresses can be found in the Marketplace and in world. Also don't forget to look around in the store and see whats on sale and grab your April group gift as well. So come visit and happy shopping my Wild Lovelies!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Emerging from the Frozen Depths

I know most of us have been trying to claw our way out of a winter that seems to be never ending. However with the sudden sprouts of daffodils and lilies I'm beginning to get the feeling that spring may actually be, finally, around the corner. In celebration of what's to come I was inspired to create the April Wild Serenity group gift. Megan in Sunset is this months free gift. Yes I know I missed March altogether, I have to apologize. Life was not going as I would have liked and kept me from creating and my joy. I'm back though with what I hope will appease the masses that missed out on last month. This feminine dress is the perfect thing to make you feel like spring is here and summer is around the corner. Be seen and admired when you step out in this lovely dress. Remember Wild Serenity group is free to join and the gift is free for all members. All you have to do is stop in the store and grab yours.

Oh and don't forget this week is the Secret Wednesday yard sale. Wild Serenity will have 4 dresses on sale for you this week so keep an eye out for that list tomorrow evening.

Happy Shopping my Wild Lovelies!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year and New Beginnings

The first thing I wish to say is Happy New Year. I hope that all of you have a happy, safe and wonderful year to come. That all your wishes and hopes come true. The past year went by too fast if you ask me. I hope we can all take a little time and remember to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

In the meantime. I was hard at work the last few days of the year creating the Wild Serenity group gift for January. This free for gift, for Wild Serenity group members, will be available through January. Dreaming, A lovely concoction of lace envelopes your body in feminine, sexy layers. Gloves and stockings included. Wear without the skirt for a sexy little negligee.  Make sure you get in and get yours today before it's gone.

Also make sure you check out the Secret Wednesday sale items. Innocence in Black & Teal and Black and Royal Blue both for only 49L Each. But this sale won't last long so hurry in!

So happy shopping my Wild Lovelies! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Decadently Feminine

Wild Serenity has two beautiful new dresses out just in time for the holidays. Whether you need a gown for a special occasion or that special New Years party. You can be confident that all eyes will be on you if you show up in one of these gorgeous gowns. Feminine with a strong touch of sexy. This dress will make you feel like you are floating with the billowing flowing skirt covered in pearls. Lace at your bodice with just a hint of sheer, giving you that sexy feeling while letting you keep your modest side in tact.

Enchanted Golden or Enchanted Silver Mist will have you dancing the night away and will keep his eyes only on you. Or catch the eye of the one you have been admiring from afar. Wear it and let the magic begin.

Also don't forget to grab your December Group gift. Out for a limited time for all Wild Serenity group members.


Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Red Hot Holiday

Ok so yes, I do know it's already half way through the month of December, but my real life has been crazy. So with that being said. I have just released the December group gift for Wild Serenity. I figured since I was so late something decadent was in order for all of you. Remember this gift is free if you are a Wild Serenity group member. Easy right? This dress will not be out for long though so make sure you get it while you can. If you are looking for a red hot holiday gown, that is sexy and sensual, then this is the one you want.

So get in while you can before this dress is gone. Don't forget to check out the Secret Wednesday deal that is out now as well. Also for a limited time. You have Maddening in Black or Red, both for only 49L each!! Again this deal won't be there long so get it while you can.

So grab yours today!!