Monday, August 11, 2014

It's time to close a door and start a new journey

Hello my Wild Lovelies,

     It is with great regret,and much thought and consideration, that I have come to the conclusion that the Wild Serenity inworld store must come to an end and close. It has been a very lovely 3 years and I have met some of the most fabulous people as customers. Unfortunately, due to real life and health, I have realized that I cannot keep the inworld store going. I cannot put the time into it that it needs and if I can't do 100% then it's time to close. With all the changes in SL I find it hard to keep up and with increasing needs upon my time in my real life, I believe I am making the right decision for me.

     This is in regards to the in world store only. Wild Serenity will live on in Marketplace and I may even once in a while throw something new up.  If things change I may look into a small store front in later days but at this time I don't foresee it.

So what does this mean for you, the customer? Well It means some mad savings.

     For the next month everything in the Wild Serenity In World store is marked down to 100L or Less. Prices range from 100L to 10L.  You will want to make sure you go through all the floors. I have a couple of new releases in there and they are already marked down. Everything from traditional prim outfits to rigged mesh and fitted mesh. EVERYTHING is marked down and on sale. Three floors of deals.

     This is not a "going out of business" sale that will last for years. This sale will run till September 13th. After that the Wild Serenity in world store will be gone, and all the deal with it.

      So pass the word around to your friends, pass the landmark, come in yourself. Because when September 13th comes, the deals will be gone.

Thank you to all my loyal and wonderful customers. You have made the last three years a joy and this sale is to let you know just how much.

Sincerely and with love,
Teradawn Serenity
Owner of Wild Serenity

Monday, July 7, 2014

It's heating up out there, Enjoy the breeze

So now that the holiday is over it's time for Wild Serenity to give you another group gift for the month of July. I think you're going to like it. Free for all group members of Wild Serenity, Lia Breezes Red is a lovely rigged mesh dress. It comes in sizes XS- XL with alpha. The lovely shimmering colors abound to show a sexy and classy side of you. Don't miss out on this one, perfect for all occasions, Lia Breezes in Red will surely suit all your needs. Remember the group is Free to join.

Also don't forget to check out the two hunts going on at the store now. The Charity in Me hunt that benefits Relay for Life 3L and me gift for 1L and the Fly Away hunt a 2L hunt. Both going on now! Don't miss all the goodies to be found.

Here's your ride!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hunts and charity @ Wild Serenity

So I know you guys love getting awesome stuff for little to nothing. Well I'm here to tell you about Two great hunts going on NOW. Yep that's right two!

Our first hunt is benefiting RFL, The Charity and Me hunt and will be going through August. This hunt is being brought to you by Be Hunted. Yep that's right through August. Why do you ask? Well the answer is simple. We want to get as many donations as possible. This Hunt has two parts to it. One is a 3L hunt gift and all proceeds will go to Relay for Life. The other is the Me gift for 1L.  Wild Serenity has a female RFL Gift and a men's me gift. So something for both genders. Both are also rigged mesh with two pieces that can be worn together or separate.

Next we have the Fly Away hunt. This hunt is from July1st through July 31st. This is a 2L hunt and is being brought to you by Sour Pickles hunts. Here is the gift from Wild Serenity, rigged mesh in sizes from XL-XS.

So there you have it. Something for you to do and a way to get some great items. You can find all the info for starting points at my group and hunt boards right outside the store.

Happy Hunting my Wild Lovelies!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Forever United

For a very limited time Wild Serenity has a special Group gift out, group is free to join, and gift is free. From now until just after July 4th you can get this cute and sexy outfit for free as a group member. This is a rigged mesh outfit consisting of a top and skirt that can be worn together or separately.  This Mesh item comes in sizes XL-XS and all alphas included. After July 4th there will be a new July group gift put out so that means TWO gifts this month. So hurry in and get yours today before it's gone!

Don't forget to check out whats new in the store too. More new releases to come so keep your eyes out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Secret's Abound

It's almost Wednesday and you know what that means right? The Secret Wednesday sale of course. That fabulous list of designers that have special deals just for you most 49L and nothing over 100L.

This week Wild Serenity has two lovely gowns for you. One of Rigged mesh in 5 sizes. Goddess of Spring will keep you dancing all night long and looking fabulous.

Next we have Katerina Butterfly. I lovely soft gown that will flow around you like a breeze. Sexy and sophisticated in soft silver and white.

And don't forget the Fashion for Life event is still going on but not for much longer. They have already raised over $10000 for Relay for life and that IS a dollar sign not a Linden dollar amount. Only a few days left to help this generous and so important cause not to mention grab some special items just for you as well.

So What are you waiting for?? Get shopping my Wild Lovelies!

Wild Serenity Taxi:

Fashion For Life Event Taxi:

Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's time to help others Live!

Yes that's right. You heard me. It's time to help others live. The Fashion For Life event has started. What is that you ask? It is a huge event in Second Life that benefits Relay for Life. Relay for Life charities help with cancer research. Not just one cancer but all cancer. To find a cure and eradicate an illness that takes lives every single day. I dare you to find one person, just one, that has not been touched by this illness. Either themselves or someone they loved and cared about. Cancer takes so many lives it's staggering. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Treatments and research are being done constantly, and lives are being saved. Early detection and treatment can save lives. We want to save more. I want to see cancer gone completely. I want to not have to watch the people I love go through the treatments to save them. I want to see them not get cancer at all.

This is the third year I have participated in Fashion For Life in Second Life with my store Wild Serenity. I have also participated in other events for Relay for Life but this by far is the largest. It's something I can do to help with a cause that I believe in. I've been touched by this disease. I've lost loved ones and watched people I love be torn apart by treatments and come out alive but not quite the way they were before. Treatments can sometimes hurt almost as much as the disease. They may keep you alive but sometimes not the same way you were. Greater research is needed, better treatments, more ways to help with early detection.

I lost my Uncle just two months ago from a fast growing tumor in his brain that they could not operate on. I've lost others as well. My stepmother also had a rare brain tumor that they treated. They saved her life and I'm glad that she is still with us, but I see her struggle daily with trying to keep her life together. The treatments weakened her and damaged her brain, she will never be the same but I am grateful she is with us at all. MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE!

This is one of the ways I'm trying to help along with countless others. Wild Serenity is on the fabulous Trek sim. All the sims are incredible. You MUST see them all to see the time and imagination of the awesome builders. It's truly amazing what can be created in Second Life. There are 10 sims to see some of the best imaginations in Second Life just waiting for you to vist.

And now,  I give you the four dresses that are for sale on the Fashion For Life sim with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life. All other dresses there from Wild Serenity are giving 50% of proceeds to Relay for Life. Go and check out these wonderful sims. Do some shopping its a chance for you to get something and help save lives. It's a win win situation, so what have you got to lose? Nothing!

Celeste in Wine Exclusive to Fashion For Life 100% Donation

                                      Gilded Blush Exclusive to Fashion For Life 100% donation

                                       Queen of the Night in Red and In Purple 100% Donation

                                                               Mia Gotya 50L each

So get your butts in there and have some fun and do some shopping all for one of the greatest reasons I can think of.

Happy shopping my Wild Lovelies!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Loving begins

Wow this year is flying past me like a whirlwind. I remember when I was little it felt like the years took so long. I couldn't wait to get older so I could get out in the world. Now I'm older and I yearn for those lazy summer days of no responsibility and carefree wanton laziness. The time flies by me so quickly now and all I want is for things to slow down. Half the year is almost gone but with it comes the sunny days and weekends spent lounging with cold iced tea and friends.

The Wild Serenity group gift for June is out now. Yep that's right you heard correctly, not only am I on time I'm a couple days early! I know miracles do happen lol.

This Month we have a beautiful mesh gown that comes to you in both fitted mesh and rigged mesh. Sizes XL-XS are included in both. Note that you must have the newest viewer that supports fitted mesh. If you do not the Rigged mesh is the one you want. Fitted mesh allows you to use the sliders in your appearance tab to adjust your body size to give you the curves you want.

This month as a Wild Serenity group member you can get this lovely red gown for free. Yep that's right I said free.

Wild Serenity is also getting ready to participate in the coming Fashion For Life 2014 the benefits Relay for Life. This years theme is Wanderlust, the sims will all have a different looks to go along with this theme. Every year this is an event you don't want to miss. Lots of fabulous deals and for a wonderful and deserving cause.

Keep your eyes out for more posts on this. Lots of fabulous stuff coming.

OK now go get your free dress from Wild Serenity, Happy Shopping my Wild lovelies.