Friday, September 2, 2011


So yeah, had a rough day today and made me start thinking and clinging to the good things I have in my life. When people go out of their way to hurt you and bring you down, trying desperately to bury you in self doubt and ridicule. Hold on to those that lift you up and show you that you are indeed worth something. Let their words keep you grounded to the possibilities that can abound should you merely believe they are there to grasp. I won't say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, that is so cliche and frankly, in many circumstance, does not even come close to expressing what can be thrown at someone.

Just remember pick your self up and keep going. There is better out there and its worth the fight no matter how impossible it may seem to be to attain. You simply have to allow yourself to believe no matter how hard that may be sometimes. Don't give up.

In the meantime, Here is my newest dress soon to be in my stores in world and in the marketplace. I simply had to pair it with these fabulous boots by Ayara. Have to say one of my newest faves. Her boots make me feel sexy and kick ass all at the same time. I highly recommend them! Maddening my newest dress will be in store soon so keep a look out for it!

Dress - Maddening by Wild Serenity
Boots - Ayara v11 black boot, red bow
Arm band - LouLou Willow red
Bracelet on Left - Fusion Feather bracelet
Necklace - Fusion Feather
Earrings and Right Bracelet - Dahlinks Imperial Concubine
Skin - AlVulo Isha devotion
Nails - SD Designs <>
Hair - Damselfly Lynley/Ruby Twilight Warm
Eyes - Fashism Sunrise Deep Lagoon
Garter - LouLou Pistolero

Happy Shopping

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